May 26, 2024 Bulletin

Robert Voldase
Dale Winget
Communion & Contribution
Ron Nelson
Reading before Sermon
Hebrews 12:1-2
Gracen Zachary
Heroes of Faith
Dan Zachary

Prayer Requests

Mikayla, Jon, and baby Nathaniel; Robbyn & Reggie Hampton; Tom Philips; Mike Newland; Richard Nickel, Leroy Richardson; Leah Salmon; Mike Strandberg; Chelsea Voldase; Hannah Cook; Maebelle Hudson
Our mission efforts:
Camp Manatawny, Timothy Hill, Ciudad de Angeles, Mozambique, China
Dina- hives and sleep loss; Lance family- passing of Pamela’s father; Mike and Sandy Jeffers- both of their mothers passed away in the last two weeks; Voldases’ great neice Breshae & baby daughter A’zaryia; Terry’s cousins Tony and Ada Knight-pancreatic cysts; Heather, Keith, and Kevin McDougal;  Leroy; Israel/Palestine; Ukraine



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For the Record

May 19, 2024 

Attendance: 11+13zoom+2fb