2016 Serving Recap

Here are just some of the ways our congregation served others over the past year:

Continuing financial support of:  Mozambique Mission Work

           China Mission Work

           Ciudad de Angeles (Cristina and Gustavo Angel)

           Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch

           Camp Manatawny


Special Contribution support for:    Solar Event, phase 3  -  $7,000

        Christmas at Ciudad de Angeles  -  $1,100

        Christmas at Timothy Hill Ranch  -  $1,100

        Chip Hartzell mission trip to China  -  $1,000

 Over 4,000 pounds of food contributed and delivered to the Somerset Food bank.

Weekly Bible studies and monthly Hymn Sings at Green Knoll Rehabilitation Center.

                 Christmas support for 4 different families.

Well done family, well done.    Let’s strive for even more in 2017